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Virtual Teacher Workshop: Women and the American Story
This exciting new virtual teacher workshop, presented by the New York Historical Society, will provide teachers with information about the critical roles women played in shaping the United States. This workshop features free, open access, and easy to navigate website resources, as well as primary sources and a wealth of content on the life stories of women throughout history.

The New York Historical Society will present two units:

1) Early Encounters, 1492-1734: This unit provides resources to allow you to easily discover the history of women in the early colonial period and then integrate them into your lessons plans. The unit is organized into four sections based on the four major empires that colonized the Americas in this period—Dutch, English, Spanish, and French. The resources in each section illustrate the experiences of a wide range of women across race, gender, age, social, and economic spectrums. You’ll meet women who worked in agriculture, participated in politics, ran complex business empires, and resisted slavery and colonization with every means at their disposal.

2) Modernizing America 1889-1920: This unit is divided into four sections: Modern Womanhood, Fighting for Social Reform, Woman Suffrage, and Xenophobia and Racism. Each section includes primary source materials and life stories that bring that aspect of the era to life. America at the turn of the century was chaotic. Social reformers debated suffrage. College-educated women promoted racist, nativist policies. Young immigrants juggled long work hours with voluntary political activism. Housewives fought for influence outside the home while vehemently defending their role as the nation’s caretakers. Modernizing America truly comes to life when materials from multiple sections are examined together.

This workshop will be on Saturday, March 27, 9:00 AM-12:00 PM. Hope to see you there!

Mar 27, 2021 09:00 AM in Hawaii

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