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Building Capacity in Undergraduate Engineering Students to Deal with Climate Change
Speaker: Dr. Rafael Amaral Shayani

Webinar Description:
The fact that the energy system has been practically the same since its inception is partly related to the traditional training that engineering students receive at universities. Even though engineering is a traditional and important profession for ensuring the growth of infrastructure within a country, there is a need to modernize university programs so as to train professionals with new capabilities required by current demands. Often students choose engineering programs because they have a desire to create something new that promotes the progress of society. They still do not know what they can do, but they hope that the university program will open up a range of possibilities that will enable them to achieve great deeds for humanity. In order for the energy sector to be able to align itself with the global effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as search for social justice and world peace, it is necessary for engineering students to be made aware of these issues and to study them during undergraduate programs as noble challenges to be overcome. A new professional profile must be formed to deal with new problems whose old solutions are no longer sufficient. In order for engineering students to understand the challenges to be overcome, they need to know the effects of increasing greenhouse gas emissions, which are related to global warming. By understanding the social and environmental issues that relate to these problems, students can rescue their initial motivation that inspired them to study engineering and put their creativity and potential into the search for solutions for the betterment of the world!

Dr. Shayani’s wrote an article on this topic for IEF, it can be found here:

This is one of a monthly series of webinars on environmental action & issues around the globe hosted by the International Environment Forum:

Feb 20, 2021 07:00 PM in Amsterdam

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