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The Infinite Field Summer Solstice Retreat: The Many Faces of Desire
In this special four-hour-long virtual retreat, we'll celebrate our emergence into light, summer, and the stirrings of the spirit that rouse us toward pleasure, aliveness, and desire.

Although desire has been given a bad rap by everyone from self-effacing monks to efficiency-obsessed businesspeople, we know on some level that it makes the world go 'round. It's the ineffable allure that made Helen's face launch a thousand ships, that single-handedly swelled our population to twice its original size in the last 40 years, that continues to dictate our most embarrassing purchasing decisions, that can be thanked for some of the most compelling art and literature the world has seen, and that makes our hearts gravitate toward all the stuff our cultural conditioning has warned us against. But that push-and-pull experience we have often come to see as a distinguishing component of desire is like dust covering something pure and beautiful.

Desire is not simply an idea. In fact, it transcends concepts and reasons. Desire is its own reason for existing, and the justifications we pile onto it are mere afterthoughts. Desire lives in our bodies, and in our innate heat and chaos. That may make it sound scary, but in truth, desire is bedrock. And when we meet it with curiosity, it can lead us to the joy that is innately an aspect of our truest—and possibly, most hidden—selves.

In this retreat, we will move through four 15–20-minute guided meditations that will set the wheels of creativity in motion. After each meditation, participants will be offered a writing prompt that allows our inherent creativity to emerge from our in-the-moment experience.

The majority of our time together will be for meditation instruction and writing, but there will be check-ins and opportunities throughout to share our experiences and writing.

Jun 20, 2021 11:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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