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Every Sunday, we will be learning, sharing followed by Question Answers, on different topic of common interest.  Group Session covering outline will be send on email only.  For safety and security, please never share coaching invitation web-link to public
Online Lifelong Study Circle (OLSC) Every Sunday "Life Mastery" Group book reading & Coaching class Session n
I believe every individual is very diverse and versatile so they will need unique ideas, roadmap for success. Therefore, we aim to help and groom holistically the whole person.
After learning with me you will be able to:

1. Understanding about nature of life, purpose and being human.
2. Improving quality of happiness in the life
3. Achieving heartfelt relationships and still independent
4. Financial independent and have great sense of how to create dream jobs and become business brand.
5. Better parenting and helping your children to raise maturely overall.
6. Should be able to be saving your marriages and relationships and transform them.
7. Creating own life with own goal settings, daily routines and feelings of fullment.
8. Creating peaceful and healthy life that leads to longevity.
9. Fear free life and must not carry past and focus on present and more action-oriented attitude and body.
10. You can be more spiritual, calm and peaceful.
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Maratib Ali Shad (UK)
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