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SRC Summer Symposium 2022 (Day 1)
An Anarchist Turn? Imperial Rule and Resistance in the Long Twentieth Century.

July 7 (All time on JST)
Opening Remarks 9:30-9:45

1. Radicalism in Circulation (9:45-11:45)

Roy Bar Sadeh (Columbia University, USA)
“In Quest of Anti-Colonial Federated India: ʿUbaidullah Sindhi (1872-1944) between South Asian and Eurasian Models of Diversity Management”

Norihiro Naganawa (SRC/Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan)
“The Volga-Caspian Traffic of Muslim Radicals at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century”

Tatiana Linkhoeva (New York University, USA)
“Buryat-Mongol Ethnopolitics and Socialism During the Russian Civil War”

Discussant: Taku Shinohara (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan)
Chair: Yoko Aoshima (SRC)

2. Resistance in the Aftermath of Empire’s Collapse (13:30-15:30)

Naira Sahakyan (Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute, Armenia)
“The Daghestani Vernacular Press and the Revolutionary Discourse of Daghestani Reformists”

Cevat Dargin (Princeton University, USA)
“The Middle East in Rebellion: Resistance to Nation-States and Colonial Administrations in the Aftermath of Ottoman Collapse (1918-1938)”

Yuki Murata (University of Vienna, Austria)
“Nationalizing Revolution: Reconsidering the Imperial Collapse in Dnipro-Ukraine, 1914-1921”

Discussant: Nobuyoshi Fujinami (Tsuda University, Japan)
Chair: Yoichi Isahaya (SRC)

3. Pax Americana? (15:50-17:50)

Juan Cole (University of Michigan, USA)
“Iraq Wars and the Rise and Fall of the post-Cold War US Hyperpower”

Vladimir Petrovic (Boston University, USA)
“A Long March: Modalities of American Military Involvement in the 1990s”

Hiroki Kusano (Saitama University, Japan)
“The Rise and Fall of American Liberal Empire after the End of the Cold War”

Discussant: Hidemitsu Kuroki (SRC/Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan)
Chair: Shinichiro Tabata (SRC)

Jul 7, 2022 09:30 AM in Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo

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