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ASM+ Webinar Series
April 18th | Jump Rope Math: Everyday Math & Exploring Jump Ropes
Collect data about participants’ jump rope techniques. Use the data to create bar graphs, draw conclusions, and ask questions about jumping rope.

May 16th | Jump Rope Math: The Whys of Jumping Rope
Conduct surveys about why people jump rope and use data to create bar graphs and Venn diagrams to represent people’s answers.

June 20th | Jump Rope Math: How Far Can You Go?
Create line graphs and use data to make predictions about how far jumpers can travel in a set amount of time.

July 18th | Jump Rope Math: Going to Great Lengths
Observe patterns, create a scatter graph, and analyze data to make predictions about connections between jump rope length and jumper height.

August 15th | Jump Rope Math: Designing a Math Investigation
Use bar graphs, line graphs, scatter graphs and Venn diagrams to explore different ways of answering math questions about jumping rope.

September 19th | MusicMath: Unexpected Math, Creating Rhythm and Making Rhythm Patterns
Create musical patterns, then repeat the patterns and think about how to represent the patterns using words, pictures, and symbols.

October 17th | MusicMath: Composing Music (with Math!)
Experiment with repeating patterns and create new arrangements using similar sounds in different sequences.

November 14th | MusicMath: Discovering Music Fractions
Identify and represent parts of fractions using music and explore combinations and permutations, or ways of creating variety while still using the same elements.

December 12th | MusicMath: Orchestration
Use fractions to create musical compositions, then perform the compositions using found instruments (pans, boxes, pencils, whistles). Create new combinations and permutations for the music fractions.
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