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Up-skill now for a faster recovery Great Ocean Road Customer Frame
Up-Skill Now for a Faster Recovery: Great Ocean Road Region
Use this time of disruption to up-skill + fix the issues in your business that are holding you back.

Unlock your hidden potential by tapping into what truly matters to your customers, tuning up your customer experience + creating loyal customers that do the selling for you!

These three short sharp up-skilling sessions, one each week, are guaranteed to give you the solid customer foundations for a faster recovery:


Topic 1 - 12/10/21
Customer Insight - tap into the hidden potential of your greatest asset to set you up for success

Topic 2 - 19/10/21
Customer Experience - find + fix the issues in your business that are holding you back

Topic 3 - 26/10/21
Customer Advocacy - find out how your customers really feel about you, then do more of what they love!


In this program, you will:

- Learn how you can use the tools already at your fingertips to help make better business decisions for the areas that will make the biggest difference to your future, to help you focus + prioritise

- Learn some tips + tricks on how to analyse your customer reviews to highlight what you’re doing well + what you should be doing less of, to improve your business + have happier customers

- Learn some tips + tricks on how to gain more loyal customers who love what you do + tell everyone about you, to attract more customers for the long-term

Your hosts: Customer Frame

Lauded by your industry colleagues as masters in all things customer, the team at Customer Frame have worked with regions + businesses across the country to rebuild them around the ultimate reason they exist - their customers.

By giving you a fresh perspective + helping you fall in love with your business again, Customer Frame helps you see the world from the eyes of your customers - from how they behave + buy, to what they like (+ dislike) about you.


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