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Camp Corwin Book Club: Productive Math Struggle
Productive Math Struggle with Hosts John SanGiovanni, Susie Katt, and Kevin Dykema

July 13: Intro and Chapter 1
July 15: Chapters 2 and 3
July 20: Chapters 4 and 5
July 22: Chapters 6

All students face struggle, and they should—it is how they learn and grow. The teacher’s job is not to remove struggle, but rather to value and harness it, helping students develop good habits of productive struggle. But what’s missing for many educators is an action plan for how to achieve this, especially when it comes to math.
As we look to instruction in the fall, it will be more important than ever to help students struggle productively through their mathematics learning—which may be taking place under unfamiliar circumstances and in a variety of settings.
Persevering through difficult challenges to reach new learning is the core of Productive Math Struggle. Learn and discuss the six specific actions—including valuing, fostering, building, planning, supporting, and reflecting on struggle— you can take to create a game plan for helping students overcome their math learning obstacles.

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