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Clinical Issues for Medical Respite/Recuperative Care Programs
This webinar series will cover the following topics:

7/7/21 - Addressing Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
Activities of Daily Living, or ADL, encompass some of our most basic self-care activities. People experiencing homelessness encounter significant barriers to completing ADL due to limited access to adequate facilities and resources. Consumers of medical respite/recuperative care programs may also have individual limitations in ADL as a result of health events and diagnoses. This webinar will identify common barriers to ADL, and present ways to facilitate ADL within medical respite/recuperative care settings to increase access and safety in self-care.

7/14/21 - Addressing Chronic Conditions
People experiencing homelessness are more likely to have a chronic condition than the general population, and also are more likely to have multiple chronic conditions. Due to barriers accessing health care and the impact of homelessness, those with chronic conditions may not have opportunities or support to manage the impact of these conditions. This webinar provides an overview of common chronic conditions and how they impact medical respite/recuperative care.

7/21/21 - Managing Incontinence
Incontinence is often and overlooked and underdiscussed health care need of people experiencing homelessness. However, many physical and contextual factors impact individuals’ ability to effectively manage and complete basic toileting routines, which become more complicated if a person develops incontinence. Using a trauma-informed and clinical approach, this webinar will address the common causes of incontinence impacting people experiencing homelessness and provides recommendations for medical respite/recuperative care providers to better support consumers presenting with incontinence.
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