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Minimum Intervention Oral Care Delivery for Contemporary Caries Prevention
Speaker: Prof. Avijit Banerjee
Moderators: Dr. Diego Jazanovich, Dr. Esperanza Villasante and Dr. Nicolás García

Main sponsor: GC Dental ExpressDent
Sponsors: Webdental, ANACEO, King's College London, KCL Dental Society, MedBooks

In his thought-provoking webinar, Prof Banerjee, the internationally renowned expert in MI Dentistry from King's College London, UK, will, using scientific and clinical evidence, describe and discuss the use of the oral healthcare team-delivered, patient-focused minimum intervention oral care (MIOC) framework to deliver caries prevention and better oral health to our patients. Using clinical examples, he will show how the four interlinked domains of the MIOC framework can be implemented in daily practice. He will also highlight some of the hurdles, still faced by all stakeholders, that make clinical implementation difficult at times. Prof Banerjee will end his presentation outlining the postgraduate, blended learning opportunities that exist with his masters programme in Advanced Minimum Intervention Dentistry (AMID) at King's College London.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this presentation, delegates should be able to:

1. List and define the interlinked domains of minimum intervention oral healthcare delivery and the roles of oral healthcare team members
2. Execute primary and secondary preventive regimes to manage the caries process and the carious lesion
3. Describe the guidelines available for the operative management of deep carious lesions
4. Recall information about postgraduate online blended-learning opportunities in Advanced Minimum Intervention Dentistry (AMID) at King's.

Nov 11, 2020 04:00 PM in Santiago

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