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Güralp April 2021 webinar series
The use of Broadband instrumentation for Micro-seismic Monitoring Applications
There are an increasing number of projects around the world today that involve the injection of fluids into the ground, whether it be salt-water injection, carbon storage initiatives or geothermal energy exploitation. These processes all present a risk of inducing seismicity that must be monitored effectively to ensure that operations can continue safely. Broadband instrumentation is increasingly becoming more user friendly to use and presents a cost-effective solution for operators to monitor their injection activities. This talk will outline the latest advances in broadband instrumentation that will aid operators in ensuring the safety of their activities. VASE Sismica, Güralp’s representative in Mexico, will be co-presenting this webinar and will discuss case studies from Mexico that make use of broadband instrumentation for Induced Seismicity monitoring applications.

Apr 28, 2021 04:00 PM in London

Güralp Systems Ltd
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