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Opening to the Poetic w/ Brooke McNamara
What if there is a dimension of experience always available right here, which is innately meaningful and vivid - without cause or condition? What if it's possible to tune ourselves to receiving and transmitting this poetic dimension of being human?

For me, there are four enduring, overlapping practices for opening to the poetic: reading poetry, writing poetry, meditation, and real connection in community. Exactly how these practices work their magic feels like a matter of grace, but they reliably provide bridges into the breathing soul of this moment.

How do you tune to the poetic? Do you remember your ways as a child of connecting to this animate world?

Reading and writing poetry, meditation, and connection in community, as practices to up-level sensitivity toward and enchantment with this gorgeous, terrible world and our gorgeous, terrible selves requires embodied perception. These practices require that we feel the language of the poetic touching our private inner landscapes so we can become awake to the wisdom locked up or liberated in our flesh and bones.

The real beauty of reading and writing poetry as a presence practice, the secret that keeps me coming back to drink this water-from-the-source, is that it requires my embodied perception, but at the same time trains it. The more I give, the more I get, so to speak. The more I wrestle, die, and delight with my favorite poets and poems, the more I perceive the rest of my world with full body-mind, sensuous curiosity and love. And then, at moments, this “me” perceiving “my world” dissolves into simple, undivided flow - the poetic.

Please join me for an exploration of opening to the poetic together, which may include conversation, imagination adventures, reading and writing poetry, movement, and meditation.

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Mar 4, 2021 11:00 AM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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