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The Missing Weltanschauung: Perennial Wisdom for Systems Change w/ Wai H. Tsang
In this series of four interlinking presentations, Wai H. Tsang will explain what the missing 21st century worldview or ‘weltanschaunng’ looks like. Over the years, many thinkers and commentators have predicted a coming paradigm shift, a required new narrative or a missing worldview which would be necessary for the bringing about of desired societal, economic and political changes, along with the averting of the unfolding ecological and environmental catastrophe. 

A recurring idea even among atheist thinkers and commentators, such as Adam Curtis, Sam Harris and Slajov Zizek, is that there will maybe be some sort of spiritual or religious dimension involved with this new worldview or narrative. We’ll demonstrate that this is exactly the case and that in particular it is the fusion of science with spirituality which provides the key to the long expected paradigm shift. We seem forever stuck in the ‘liminal’ state of expectation and the paradigm shift doesn’t seem to be happening, precisely because there doesn’t seem to be a clear articulation of what the required worldview and narrative is. 

In the upcoming series of talks, we seek to remedy this situation.

Session 1: The Perennial Wisdom Returns
Session 2: System Change and How to Do It?
Session 3: The Symmetry Theory of Life and Intelligence
Session 4: Spiritual Experience, Why Does It Happen?

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