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CONVENERS.ORG: What the #MeToo Effect Means for Social Impact Convenings
A conversation for senior leadership

As social impact practitioners, each of us works every day to create an equal and just world. And yet we know that we live in a world where gender-based violence, racism, and systems of oppression and inequality still persist, and our vision is not yet a reality. As conveners, we have the unique opportunity to create an environment that emulates the world we are working toward. To do so, we must be intentional about combatting systems that perpetuate harmful dynamics, and establishing a new expectation for how we interact and connect.

Join us in conversation with Amy Paulson and Ayla Schlosser, who worked with the leadership team at Opportunity Collaboration to create an Anti-Harassment Policy and framework to proactively combat harm and harassment. Join us for a roundtable conversation about how to prevent harm in our communities and foster safe environments that model our shared values of equity, respect, and dignity.

Jan 18, 2018 9:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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