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Wednesday Night Bible Study At Freedom Worship Center
Welcome to Freedom Worship Center Velburg Zoom Bible Study. Join us each Wednesday night at 7:00 p.m. for our weekly bible study.

Please read the suggestions below so that our study will flow nicely and be enriching for all.

1. Come to the study prepared. You will find that careful preparation will
greatly enrich your time spent in group discussion.

2. Be willing to participate in the discussion. The leader of your
group will not be lecturing. Instead, he or she will be encouraging the
members of the group to discuss what they have learned. The leader
will be asking the questions that are found in this guide.

3. Stick to the topic being discussed. Your answers should be based
on the verses which are the focus of the discussion and not on outside
authorities such as commentaries or speakers. These studies focus on
a particular passage of Scripture. Only rarely should you refer to other
portions of the Bible.

4. Be sensitive to the other members of the group. Listen attentively
when they describe what they have learned. You may be surprised
by their insights! Each question assumes a variety of answers.
Many questions do not have “right” answers, particularly questions
that aim at meaning or application. Instead the questions push us to
explore the passage more thoroughly.

5. Be careful not to dominate the discussion. We are sometimes so
eager to express our thoughts that we leave too little opportunity for
others to respond. By all means participate! But allow others to also.

6. Expect God to teach you through the passage being discussed
and through the other members of the group. Pray that you will have
an enjoyable and profitable time together.

7. Remember that anything said in the group is considered confidential
and should not be discussed outside the group unless specific
permission is given to do so.
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