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CES-NS-Webinar - An Economic Evaluation: The Healthy Beginning Enhanced Home Visitation Program
Nova Scotia’s Healthy Beginnings Enhanced Home Visiting Program (EHV) was launched in 2002 as an enhancement to public health’s perinatal programs and services. The long-term results are anticipated to deliver improved physical, cognitive, emotional and social development of Nova Scotia children.

Two qualitative program evaluations (2009 & 2012) found that families in the program achieved positive outcomes. In 2011, there was an interest within the Nova Scotia Department of Health & Wellness to measure the value and impact of the EHV Program. It was determined that an economic analysis would be appropriate to establish the program’s value and measure the potential impact the program has in the province. Given the province’s financial pressures, the positive qualitative reviews of the EHV and the Public Health Healthy Development Standards and Protocols, an evidence-based case for support of the EHV in Nova Scotia was timely.

Through an economic evaluation, the EHV’s value and impact can be quantified. The economic evaluation will help to create an evidence-based case for support of the EHV. The findings will help inform recommendations based on the Benefit-Cost Analysis and the estimated extent to which this program is anticipated to reduce health inequities and improve childhood outcomes in Nova Scotia.

The model indicates this investment conveys significant positive long-term outcomes:
• Delivers a total of $16 million in benefits while costing $6.3 million to provide the program
• Resulting in a benefit cost ratio of 2.6 dollar return for each 1.0 dollar invested (2.6:1)

Feb 14, 2018 12:00 PM in Halifax

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