THE REVIVAL OF ME: How do you keep moving when stopping sounds so good?
Get MOTIVATED FOR MORE during this 2-day Clarity and Motivation Boot Camp designed for the woman who knows she is called to birth something big. 

If you are that woman, maybe you have paused several times, questioned your course, or you've realized you can no longer continue to walk your assigned path with the same old flow.  You've realized you need to move with greater assurance, greater peace of mind.

Gain strategies and concepts to:

1. Refine your intentions.
2. Strengthen your self-discipline.
3. Deepen your connection to your true motive.
4. Feel MORE focused, MORE clear, MORE peaceful, and in control throughout your journey.

There's a point when it feels like you've been pregnant for so long and the vision inside has grown so big discomfort creeps in.

This season may make you want to scream, throw your hands up, beg or even negotiate with GOD to allow your dream to be birthed or just go away.

In maternity, we call this MOPS (Misery of Pregnancy Syndrome).

However, if the pregnant woman didn't become uncomfortable, what else would make her motivated to enter labor and give birth?

When movement is tough, what's the MOTIVATION to keep you moving towards changing your habits, laboring through life, or birthing new ideas to live out your dreams?

The Revival of Me was created to:

1. Restore your energy.
2. Renew your strength
3. Gain motivation 
4. Move towards clarity
5. Clear the path as you go

When a woman starts seeking "CLARITY", she has already become aware that she's been impregnated with the desire for more.

The irony is, "...CLARITY comes with movement".

Unfortunately, the "When" and "How?" questions, have the tendency to clutter our minds and halt our physical momentum.

These 2 days will have you ask and answer the question,
"What do I NEED to do to experience CLARITY and stay MOTIVATED for MY MORE?"

Meeting is over, you can not register now. If you have any questions, please contact Meeting host: LeShanta Baker.