Amplifying Intersections and Co-Creating Resistance to the Global Gag Rule: A collaborative convening for donors and civil society
Webinar co-hosted by Ariadne & Global Philanthropy Project

You are invited to a webinar hosted by Open Society Foundations and Wallace Global Fund to hear about an upcoming convening bringing donors and activists from across the world together to build a collective response to the Global Gag Rule. The event, taking place December 4 -6 in Barcelona, seeks to answer the question: how can philanthropy, in partnership with civil society, best respond to the Global Gag Rule to mitigate the impact of the policy, strengthen civil society and social movements, and support the populations and communities most affected, including LGBTQI?

While the Global Gag Rule was first enacted in 1984, several recent expansions have ensnared growing numbers of organizations, governments, and funders, even if they don’t accept U.S. Government funds. The policy in its current, vastly expanded form, is a tangible manifestation of an extremist, ultra-conservative worldview that embodies much broader threats to democracy, the rule of law, and civil society, and as such, is a chilling development that is relevant to all of us.

Julia Greenberg, Open Society Foundations Public Health Program
Stellah Bosire, UHAI
Jennifer Redner, AJWS

Susan Gibbs, Wallace Global Fund

The convening is hosted by American Jewish World Service, Funders Concerned About AIDS, Funders for Reproductive Equity, Global Fund for Women, Global Philanthropy Project, Open Society Foundations, Summit Foundation, UHAI - the East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative and Wallace Global Fund. For more information about the event please contact Jennifer Redner:

Oct 10, 2019 03:00 PM in London

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