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The Success WorkShop
There is nothing wrong with you, only two things are needed for success in the real estate business. One is a mindset shift and the other is a tool or assistant to help you do many repetitive tasks.

iFoundAgent offers the success workshop over 4 sessions for our clients to shift their mindset and give them access to new ways of thinking that ensures success. Typically, people will set goals and work hard to make their business work. Have you noticed that your business is not working for you, but you are working for your business? It’s a ‘never ending’ circle of hard work. If you could think outside of the box on your own you already would be, but we know human beings need a process to help them see what’s in their blind spot. You have mirrors on your car to help you see what is in the blind spot, so why don’t you have a coach to help you with your business blind spot. Our success workshop was designed to help all of our clients to take their business to the next level in a group setting online. We are giving them tools to use to keep expanding their thinking which shifts their paradigm and allows for exponential business results for years to come.

This class is being taught by Kevin Lambe who has over 20 years of personal growth and development training

Jan 22, 2019 11:00 AM in Arizona

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