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September 2018 Community Call
Mindfulness & The 7 Laws of Enough

Our consumeristic culture tends to reduce mindfulness to a self-help tactic that improves concentration, productivity or awareness. This view is a kind of spiritual materialism—a formula disconnected from deeper meaning. Mindfulness is actually a chosen way of life, a path to our soul’s full liberation and expression.

Mindfulness practice is innate to the 7 Laws of Enough, which offers much solace to counteract our distracted, stressed and overwhelmed hearts and minds. Living the Laws is a primary gateway to sufficiency and returns us to an ethic of care for all of life. We begin to behave differently, and naturally come to embody more kindness, generosity and deep caring for ourselves and others. We realize we are not our thoughts. We soften harsh judgments and our critical tone. We find an easier stance with difficult emotions and develop a willingness to be transparent and address conflicts more readily.

Discover the truest purpose of mindfulness and the 7 Laws of Enough for your life. How well will you love yourself today? Who will you forgive? What can you give freely without expectation? How will you choose to practice mindfulness now?

Join Jen Cohen, Rick Wright of and the Seven Stones community for this potent exchange.

Sep 28, 2018 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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