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PainterLab 67
PainterLab is an informal monthly virtual Q & A session, open to all current PaintboxTV Premium Members, where you can get help with your technical and artistic questions, feedback and advice on projects, learn more about Painter and pick up useful tips and techniques. You need to be a current member at the time of the PainterLab. There is no charge — it is part of the service I provide for PaintboxTV Premium Members and is included in your subscription.

If you have any questions and topics you’d like me to address at the next PainterLab please email me ( Feel free to attach images if there’s a project you’d like help with, feedback on or you wish to share some of the “homework” you’ve done since the last PainterLab. Whenever you send me attachments for a PainterLab, please start all the image file names with your first and last name, include in the file name the stage or version number and brief description. Also please ensure that your email subject line is “Next PainterLab” – this is very important because I receive many hundreds of emails every week and cannot quickly and easily search for your email with your attachments unless your subject line is “Next PainterLab”. I will endeavor to include any material and questions you send me in the next PainterLab but cannot guarantee it. I generally only show and talk about images when the creator of the images is present at the PainterLab. I encourage PaintboxTV Premium Members to take advantage of this special and valuable opportunity for real time virtual interaction which comes with your PaintboxTV subscription. I enjoy the chance to get to know you better and help you with your technical and artistic questions. This is your time to pick my brain about anything Painter or art-related. The structure is relaxed, informal and interactive. The agenda is up to you!

May 25, 2018 11:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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