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How LOA Works - Free Group Discussion
The universal Law of Attraction (LOA) has been known about for decades, yet there are still some people who have never heard about it.

* Have you heard about it?
* Have you taken time to learn how it works?
* Have you practiced shifting how you think and behave in certain ways to create more flow in your life?

It's such a simple concept that isn't always so simple to apply to our lives.

If you haven't heard of LOA, you may have heard one of the following ...

* Energy flows where attention goes.
* What you think about you bring about.
* We reap what we sow.

This is what we'll be discussing.

Lots of people have questions about this. If you do too, you're not alone. *Ahem... Abraham Hicks has been answering questions for over 20 years alone!*

As a Certified Law of Attraction Coach and HUMAN who has spent the last few years actively learning, understanding, applying, re-applying, re-learning :) the principles of LOA - I invite you to this free, safe online environment to ask your questions and further explore together how it's working in your life.

Bring paper, pen and your open mind!

* This call will be recorded.

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Apr 22, 2018 12:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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