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Wisdom Talk with Awareness Master Ingvar Villido
Overcoming Life Challenges, Bad Habits, and Breakdowns with Best-Selling Author and Master Wisdom Teacher Ingvar Villido
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Saturday, February 16th, 10 AM
Ingvar Villido - Best-selling Author and Master Wisdom Teacher

Why do we continue to suffer in daily life with challenges, bad habits, adversity, breakdowns, setbacks, self-sabotage, addiction, and other disturbances despite having noble intentions? How does our past, circumstances, behaviors, ego, and karma influence these negative forces and patterns? What can we do to stop this so we can live our best life the way we so desire for career, relationships, love, family, and spiritual growth? Why is obtaining success, happiness, and self- realization so challenging for us? Join us for this special webinar.

Ingvar will address your questions. Nothing is too challenging.

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About Ingvar Villido:

Ingvar Villido, is a modern spiritual englightened teacher and author who has revitalized the ancient yogic wisdom with modern empirical research to be accessible, logical, and practical for everyday people. He’s described as the Leonardo da Vinci of consciousness and the inner world. After first incubating his teachings in Estonia, he's on a mission to upgrade humanity to our highest conscious potential.

Feb 16, 2019 10:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Human 2.0 | Upgrade Yourself
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