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Digital Disruption – Trends that are Impacting Your Jobs
Digital Disruption presents challenges. And the prepared minds are converting challenges into opportunities.
 Facebook Shuts Down two AI Robot after they started communicating with each other in their own language.
 By 2020, 50% of the global workforce would be Millennials. And by 2025, 75% of the global workforce would be Millennials. And they are Digital natives.
 S&P 500 Companies lifespan has decreased from 67 years in 1920 to 15 years in 2016
 In 2016 – USD 1000 could buy you processing power of a rat’s brain. In 2023 USD 1000 will buy you processing power of human brain. In 2050 USD 1000 will buy you processing power of all humans on the planet.
The question is are you ready for the disruption? I will share Trends that are impacting your Jobs and how to prepare yourself for the future. Interesting and meaningful content that will help individuals and business alike to open up minds towards "Digital Transformation." The webinar will cover …
1. What is Digital Disruption and Digital Transformation?
2. What is driving Digital Transformation?
3. How should business address the Digital Transformation?
4. What are the Innovation Technologies and where are they impacting our lives?
5. Call to action – how should YOU as an individual fight the digital disruption?
6. Industries being impacted.

Who should participate: C- Level Executives, Business Leaders, HR Leaders, Sales & marketing Leaders. Every professionals that is eager to understand and absorb emerging digital challenges.

By: Vinod Mehra ( )

Aug 19, 2017 7:00 PM in Dubai

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