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Webinar #3 – Hacking the Gap: Following Your Inspired Ideas
Join me at one of my upcoming one-hour no-cost webinars on “Hacking the Gap: Following Your Inspired Ideas”.

Most people run into long stretches of time when they are stuck and have a difficult time generating new ideas. This is not an uncommon human experience, and it happens more often that you might think. If you are attempting to get you juices flowing again and re-gigger your ideas, inventions or plans for your future then you have landed in the correct place.

I have been helping entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and business people for most of my adult career spark new ideas, then we working with them to develop the ideas into products, services or marketing campaigns so they can reach the audience that would have an interest in availing themselves of those great products or services.

In the no-cost 60-minute webinar you will be provided with the tools and processes that Greg has used with his clients to unlock their crazy ideas and successfully gain traction on those ideas.

1. Valuing your intuition, imagination and ideas

2. Recording your ideas in some fashion so they’re accessible and you don’t forget them

3. Recognizing every possible source of your ideas as important: Your intuition, insight, mistakes, books, movies, music, friends, associates, etc.

4. Looking at them from multiple points of view

5. Understanding how to cultivate, refine and prioritize them

6. Learning how discard, defer or let go of ideas when it’s time to do so

7. Recognizing the obstacles (ways we get stuck) that prevent our generating new ideas

8. Developing the skills of implementation so that you can actualize your best ideas

Nov 13, 2018 9:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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