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iFundWomen Seattle: Why Smart Women Are Crowdfunding
iFundWomen is the only funding ecosystem designed specifically for early-stage, female entrepreneurs, providing a platform for women-led businesses to access capital through rewards-based crowdfunding, expert coaching, professional creative production, a collaborative entrepreneur community, and access to industry connections critical to launching and growing businesses. Rewards-based crowdfunding should be every entrepreneur’s first stop on their funding journey. Why? It’s a low-risk, and efficient way to:

1. Raise cash to launch or grow your business, non-profit, or passion project
2. Market your brand
3. Grow and engage your customer base

Join the iFundWomen Coaching Team on March 5th at 11:00am PST for this virtual crowdfunding deep-dive, where you will learn:

1. What exactly rewards-based crowdfunding is
2. If you, and your product or service are right for crowdfunding
3. How to plan a successful campaign through the iFundWomen Method, including pitch honing, network mapping, a rewards strategy & a marketing strategy

Mar 5, 2019 11:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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