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Alicia Velázquez Berumen
Meet2Breathe (Asia & America)
Let's breathe together online with IBF members!
Wherever you are, whichever your level of experience, whatever the modality of your practice, it is so simple, just Meet2Breathe Online. We come together with one same intention, sharing our passion to practice conscious breathing.

Come and join us in Meet2Breathe. You are welcome as a beginner breather or an experienced one. No matter what modality you practice or where in the world you live. Meet2Breathe connects us all.

Breathing from your own home is practical, simple and comfortable. Even when the meeting ends you can keep on relaxing and expanding the awareness on the breathe.

Getting ready for the M2B?
You need:
1. A good internet connection for videoconference.
2. Upload Zoom on your computer or mobil phone
3. Connect with a headset with a microphone.
4. Turn your video on
5. Set a quiet and comfortable space to lay down, pillows, blanket, tissues and a glass of water.

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May we keep on breathing online until we Meet2breathe Live
Alicia Velázquez Berumen
“Meet2Breathe”, IBF Representative for Mexico, Certified Transformational Breath Facilitator,
Brennan Energy Healer, Family Constellations Facilitator and Meditation

If you are not a certified breathworker I invite you to take one to one sessions so that you can learn more about conscious breathing. Reserve your appointment

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We invite you to become a member of the IBF International Breathwork Foundation and to reserve your place for the next Global Inspiration Conference
You can choose to attend one or more of the following sessions.

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