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ABNLP Webinar - ‘The Secrets To Truly Effective, Unconscious Presenting’ with Jack Shearer
What if the purpose of your life, your lasting legacy, was to effectively share your area of expertise?

If you gathered together an audience, would you struggle to speak or present with a flow of energy and rhythm?

Would you present the same old mediocre way or discover new engaging skills that ignite interest and fascination?

Would you focus on the conversion rates and dollars or the intrinsic value that comes when your audience truly gets your message?

Jack Shearer has made it his life’s mission to be the very best presenter he can be and has spent the last forty-years spent mastering the art. His greatest joy is sharing his expertise and training others to do the same.
As an award-winning lecturer at RMIT university, a highly acclaimed Toastmasters speaker, International presenter, a professional trainer and facilitator who specialises in Presentation Skills training and NLP, Jack has developed an entertaining and engaging style, making learning with him enjoyable and rewarding.

In this month’s ABNLP Webinar, Jack shares with you ‘The Secrets To Truly Effective, Unconscious Presenting’ where you will discover:
- How to set up your mindset and state for success
- The art of establishing rapport in a crowded room
- Why you must establish the audience's timeline
- How to unconsciously embed your teachings
- The tell-tail sign when you are about to lose your audience
- How to present with passion and effectively imparted your knowledge and expertise
- The critical difference between ‘Presenting Techniques' and ‘Presenting Skills’
- How to assertain if your presentation has been effectively received

“Yes, it is possible to authentically connect with your audience and convey your message in a way that leaves them feeling excited and comfortable with their new found wisdom, curious about how it can be applied in their life. In fact, this is how lasting, raving fans (and clients) are genuinely created”, says Jack.

May 23, 2018 7:00 PM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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