Webinar: Unpacking Sound Infusion (w/ ethnomusicologist Dr John Garzoli)
As part of our partnership with Music: Count Us In, we’ve created this special version of the Sound Infusion app to allow students to create their own, globally-inspired rendition of the MCUI program song ‘We Are’.

In this session, we will be further unpacking this resource, answering any questions teachers may have and offering tips on how to maximise its utility in the classroom.

All are encouraged to join regardless of their level of familiarity with Sound Infusion or their musical ability.

About the hosts:

---Dr John Garzoli, PhD (Ethnomusicology, Monash University)---
Dr Garzoli is Director of Education, Research and Strategic Development at Cultural Infusion.
He is a recipient of the Prime Minister's Asia Endeavour Award, the Endeavour Postdoctoral Fellowship, the 2016 DFAT (ATI) Artist in Residence, Post-graduate publications award from Monash University and an ENIT's research scholarship from Chulalongkorn University.
John has taught a range of subjects including pedagogy, aesthetics and criticisms, world music and professional practice at Monash University and research methodology, music theory and aural training at Chulalongkorn and Khon Kaen Universities in Thailand where he has ongoing research projects. He provides peer review for scholarly journals published internationally.

---Rezza Moieni---
Mr Moieni is Cultural Infusion's Digital Projects Director and one of the masterminds behind Sound Infusion and its content-based audio retrieval software.
Rezza holds a Masters degree in the field of Information Security at Universiti Technologi Malaysia(UTM), where he graduated top of his class in 2012.
Rezza specializes in a wide range of audio/video/IT topics with a focus on AV archives, studio systems and workflow, file-based broadcasting, media monitoring, digital workflow, IPTV, encoders/ decoders / Ingest, digital compression systems, information security, and encryption in both public and private sectors.

Oct 31, 2019 04:00 PM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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