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MY PEOPLE, MY PLAYERS: How to identify and leverage your support team

LaToya Daniels
Shawna Wilhoite

We recognize that every woman is laboring to birth a higher version of themselves, via the implementation of new habits, the manifestation of dreams, or the creation of ideas.

Unfortunately, most of us attempt to achieve this by willpower and knowledge alone. However, there are forces working for us and against us.

What if your "skillpower" could reduce the amount of "willpower" required to achieve your goals?

EMPOWER ME addresses the major factors research has shown determines how we labor and give birth to new life.

Each Month we enter into the Peaceful Women Live virtual room to share powerful tools to assist in our journey towards clarity, peaceful freedom, and an enhanced ability to labor through life.

Each session is designed to send us on a journey of revelations and moments of awareness.

EMPOWER ME is designed to advance our personal development by guiding us in asking and answering the question, "Is this an area in my life that needs my attention?"

This series is a holistic and community approach to coaching.

We come together in a multilevel program that integrates various coaching models, expertise, and disciplines to assist us in formulating individualized strategies to advance our evolution!

Each session will bring us closer to:

-Accessing our inner kingdom
-Harnessing our energy
-Navigating our dreams
-Expanding our universe


MomNiche Inc. is proud to partner with LeShanta Baker and Peaceful Women Live, an online community group for women, created to encourage peaceful and balanced lives.

Please consider a donation to support MomNiche Inc. in elevating the visibility, connectivity, and accessibility of resources for women.
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