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The Hristo Velev VFX LIV Webinar - Bombing/Building Destruction with thinkingParticles
This October, cebas will be hosting our 2nd LIVE Webinar for 2018, by one of thinkingParticles top expertise, Hristo Velev, founder of BottleshipVFX. You can catch a glimpse of their V/FX work @

Hristo Velev continues to expand his FX work, ever since his first large scale destruction dynamics of ‘2012’, ‘Sucker Punch’, ‘Iron Man 3’, among others.
Hristo Velev started his VFX career with ScanlineVFX. Hristo is very active in the community and has authored several training packages. He founded Bottleship in 2013, and is the FX Manager/General Co-Manager.

Hristo will be taking us through a destruction FX scene from the movie, AIR STRIKE & HUNTER KILLER (2018). Check your release dates @

October 31 (Wednesday)
Pacific : 10 Am
Sofia, Bulgaria : 8 PM

Attendees are advised to get a thinkingParticles educational license in order to take full advantage of the webinar and learn powerful setups and features in this rare opportunity. Please write to Cedar TW, for this.

Look out for the ReVisit Insights Interview with Hristo in late October as well. Previous interview:

Don't Miss this exciting LIVE WEBINAR (free to attend, limited spaces)

Hristo Velev - Filmography @ IMDB
2018 The Three-Body Problem: I (VFX Supervisor) (post-production) WIP
2018 Air Strike (FX supervisor) (post-production) (completed)
2018 Hunter Killer (VFX Supervisor) (completed)
2017 Scales: Mermaids Are Real (lead effects artist)
2017 Vragove (visual effects supervisor: Bottleship VFX)
2015 - Awarded best vfx for Mojin. Mojin - The Lost Legend (effects artists lead)
2014 Impossible (division lead efffects artist: Pixomondo China)
2014 The Salvation (fx artist)
2014 300: Rise of an Empire (vfx crew: Scanline VFX)
2014 Forbidden Kingdom (visual effects artist: Bottleship VFX)
2013 Man of Steel (digital artist: Scanline VFX)
2013 Iron Man 3 (visual effects crew)
... and more...

Oct 31, 2018 10:00 AM in Vancouver

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