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Volumental Webinar IV: How do shoppers really buy their shoes?
The fourth webinar in our "Volumental Conversations" series has arrived! In this digital age, shopping has evolved, and the customer journey no longer unfolds just as one straight line. Instead, today’s consumers drop into an entire retail ecosystem where they can interact with brands using up to 300 touchpoints, creating a huge constellation of possible buyer journeys. Join our hosts as they trace out a few of them, charting those channels shoppers actually use to buy new shoes, and letting modern retailers know what they should be thinking about as a consequence.
You’ll hear from guest speaker Ilona Von Wegen, Industry Leader of Omnichannel Retail & Brand at Google, who will share insights gleaned from Google data on how people find what they’re looking for, along with Mikael Andersson, Volumental’s Senior Product Owner for Omnichannel & Mobile, and Moritz Scheibold, Volumental’s CEO. Listen in as they discuss how shoe size - that little number in someone’s head - makes a very big impact on how shoppers behave online, and how fear of poor fit gets us stuck buying the same products over and over.

Sep 30, 2019 05:00 PM in Stockholm

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