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Online Breathing Circle with Live session in Denmark
The breathing circle is a regular monthly global event. It starts in New Zealand and flows around the globe from there.

We will start our online global breath circle event at 7pm CET (Danish time)

Come and join us, be a part of this amazing global event, join your breath, love, and energy with others around the planet and help to breathe the world into awareness. awakeness and open-hearted fearlessness.

In Copenhagen, Denmark, we offer you the possibility to join our live event via the internet. Fill in your details below is all you need to do.

To find out the time of this event in your local time use the timezone link where it says "Time shows in Copenhagen" below the event date/time display below on this page.

For the session please make sure that you will be in a warm comfortable environment where you can lay down. Make sure that you have a pillow and a blanket or cover. You will need to position your camera so that your torso and head can be seen during the session. Also, please make sure that there is adequate light so that you can be seen.

If you have any further questions please contact Geoffrey or via phone/text +45 53 63 98 88.

See you there.
Please choose only one meeting to attend.

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