Improving Ergonomics in memoQ
memoQ offers quite a number of adaptive features as well as workflow options for improving ergonomic efficiency - the ease of use and improved overview of your work processes. And yet most users - even those with a decade or more of experience with this translation assistance environment - remain unaware of many of these possibilities or how to make best use of them. This webinar will introduce key ergonomic concepts for better working conditions with memoQ, drawing from the following course outline:

Working Ergonomics in memoQ 9.0: Technology Practice for Ease of Use

1. Getting Laid Out
- Standard memoQ Layouts
- More Fun with memoQ Working Layouts!
2. Colors, Visibility and Priority
- Color My Grid!
- Fonts in the Working Display
- Translation Results List Tuning
- Setting the user interface language
- Showing hidden characters
3. Tuning Options for Typists
- Translation Settings: Autocorrect
- Autopropagation and Its Implications
- Predictive Typing
- Keyboard Customizing!
4. The Great Dictators
- Hey memoQ
- Chrome Speech
- Dragon NaturallySpeaking
- Other Speech Tools and the 3-Stage Process
5. Other Views of Translation
- Combining and Filtering Files for Translation
- What's in a Translation Files List?
- Making Sense of memoQ QA Results

This presentation will be held in English.

Aug 14, 2019 03:00 PM Lisbon in Lisbon

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