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Top Habits for Developing Effective Time Management with Alice Dartnell
- Do you wish you had more time?
- Are you spinning lots of plates all the time?
- Are you worried that you’re going to drop the ball, burn out or look incompetent unless you start getting more organised?
- Are you struggling to do the things you know you should, like exercise and study, or have time for you?

This webinar is designed for the busy professional who has a lot on their plate, so wants to start creating effective habits for effective time management. It is for anyone who wants to maximise their time and utilise those 24 precious hours as best as they can.

Positive habits are automatic actions that you unconsciously program into your brain. It is important to build these in your life so your body can start running on autopilot to save yourself time and energy. The less you have the think about it the more likely you are going to do it! And the more you do it, the better you get. This is true for adopting good time management habits too. The more efficient you are, the more effective you are with your time!

Mar 27, 2019 8:00 PM in London

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