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MAC SDK Getting Started Build live HD video into your MAC app
Mac SDK Quickstart
The Zoom MAC SDK lets you use Zoom powered video sessions in apps you build for MAC OS.
Downloading and using the Zoom MAC SDK
You can download our latest editions directly from git or from the download section.
You will find five folders - the developer guide is a pdf file in the root. Folder ZoomSDKSample contains a sample app using the SDK. You can open the file ZoomSDKSample.xcodeproj in your Xcode. The same folder contains a ReadMe.txt file that has the build instructions. AppDelegate.m file in ZoomSDKSample folder contains the high level application which you can reference to understand how to call the stack functions and register call backs.
SDK footprint
The size of our Mac stack Zip is about 26.1 MB.
System requirements
The Zoom Mac SDK is supported in MacOS 10.6 or higher.
Sample apps
For sample code, go to ZoomSDKSample directory.
Reference documentation is included in the doc subdirectory of the stack.
More information
For a list of new features and known issues, see the release notes.