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Android MobileRTCTM Stack Getting Started Build live HD video into your Android app

Android MobileRTCTM Stack Quickstart

Our Android MobileRTCTM Stack makes it easy to incorporate Zoom natively within your Android application. Android and iOS MobileRTCTM stacks has a similar set of functions. The stack provides a number of customization methods for the application.


The main zip file contains two other zip files and one introduction document. One is for ADT development such as Eclipse. Another one is for Android Studio development.

Downloading the MobileRTCTM Stack

You can download our latest editions directly from git or from the download section.

MobileRTCTM stack footprint

The size of zoom Android stack is about 17 MB.

System requirements

The MobileRTCTM stack is supported on high-speed Wi-Fi and 4G LTE networks.

The stack is supported on armeabi-v7a architecture by default. If you have other platforms such as armeabi64-v8a, x86, and armeabi, please do not use other 64 bit libs(from other projects or third party SDK). Android can support 32 bit libs on 64 bit devices if you don't have other 64 bit libs in the project.

The Zoom Android MobileRTCTM stack is expected to work with Android 4.0+ and devices from Samsung, Google Nexus, Motorola Moto, and LG Optimus families.


Reference documentation is included in the doc subdirectory of the stack.